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Dermatologists’ Six Month Projections Reveal Janssen’s Tremfya Closing in on the IL-17 Inhibitors, Novartis’ Cosentyx and Eli Lilly’s Taltz, in Psoriasis

According to Spherix Global Insights’ latest quarterly release of RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis, adoption of Tremfya as a psoriasis treatment is largely comparable to that of Taltz’s at a similar post-launch timeframe.

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EXTON, Pa., Nov. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — At approximately four months post-launch, over one-third of surveyed dermatologists (n=101) have prescribed Tremfya, a figure on par with uptake of Taltz at a similar post-launch fielding time. Current users of the IL-23 inhibitor cite that they most commonly initiate patients on the brand due to their severity and the perceived efficacy that Tremfya may offer. Furthermore, over half of current non-users anticipate trialing Tremfya within the first half of 2018 and report that the leading reasons behind why they have not yet prescribed Tremfya are their general lack of familiarity and the brand’s “newness,” issues anticipated to dissipate with time.

Dermatologists project significant six month gains in brand share for Tremfya, Cosentyx, and Taltz, though Tremfya’s share is estimated to quadruple, ultimately bringing the newest market entrant neck and neck with Taltz and just lagging share for Cosentyx. Indeed, though Taltz is often heralded for its efficacy in skin clearance, Tremfya is challenging this position, pulling in equal levels of dermatologist preference for “patients seeking totally clear skin,” and largely edging out Cosentyx as a clear skin contender. Though Tremfya seems to be playing in the same league (for now) as the IL-17s, dermatologists continue to report that Janssen’s own Stelara is the most at risk for displacement from the newest psoriasis approval.

Despite having a seat at the next generation psoriasis table, Ortho Dermatologics’ (previously Valeant’s) Siliq, continues to struggle, largely due to the brand’s black box warning for suicidal ideation and required REMS program registration. However, for the first time since launching, the user-base in Q4 has experienced an increase, with nearly one in ten dermatologists reporting at least some use of the third to market IL-17 inhibitor. The downside is that nearly half of the non-users cite that they do not plan on ever using Siliq, and while the safety and REMS program requirements are the leading factors, dermatologists also note that they have better options, not enough information, and that they question the reputation of the manufacturer, Ortho Dermatologics.

Manufacturer perceptions are highly correlated with use of brands in psoriasis. Indeed, AbbVie is consistently rated as one of the best industry partners, with Janssen, the marketers of Stelara, Tremfya, and Remicade, not far behind. Other factors that contribute to the usage of biologics/small molecules are patient awareness and the impact of direct to consumer (DTC) campaigns. Over 80% of dermatologists believe that DTC campaigns drive inquiries from psoriasis patients. Brands touted as having the most influential campaigns include Celgene’s oral, small molecule, Otezla, AbbVie’s Humira, and Taltz.

Additional analysis from this study as well as a recent large scale patient chart audit will be presented at the International Psoriasis Council Meeting taking place in London this weekend.

RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis is an independent report series published on a quarterly basis. The series tracks the evolution of the PsO market, provides a deep dive on launch effectiveness, and highlights opportunities for pipeline agents.

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