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September 17, 2021

Two-Thirds of Neurologists Expect to Start Some Patients on Aduhelm Next Year: Survey

From: McKnights Long Term Care News

By: Alicia Lasek

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The outlook for the use of the drug is looking up, according to surveyor Spherix Global Insights. There are small increases in the number of Aduhelm prescribers and an uptick in patients for whom the therapy has been initiated. This is compared with flat activity seen in the first two months of availability.

And based on survey data analysis, Spherix expects the prescriber base for the drug, which was federally approved in July, to grow by almost 50% over the next month.

“Despite the controversy surrounding the accelerated FDA approval pathway, one in seven patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease are considered potential candidates for the new brand,” Spherix reported… (read more)