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January 18, 2023

Switching Patterns Among Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Genentech’s Vabysmo Rising, Regeneron’s Eylea and Genentech’s Off-Label Avastin Remain Strong, According to Spherix Global Insights

Despite the availability of new agents, established brands remain market leaders within the switch segment.

EXTON, Pa., January 18, 2023/PR Newswire/ The switch landscape represents an active segment of the market where brands have the opportunity to capture share. Spherix’s RealWorld Dynamix™ service takes a unique approach to the typical collection of patient-level data, capturing the exact reasons behind why a patient has discontinued one brand and why they were switched to their current brand (in addition to detailed clinical and non-clinical patient metrics).

Chart audit data from 540 eyes switched to a new intravitreal biologic within the past three months, provided by 129 ophthalmologists across the US marks Spherix’s inaugural RealWorld Dynamix: Biologic Switches in Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration service.

With the launch of several new therapies in the US in recent years (including Genentech’s Vabysmo, Biogen and Samsung’s Byooviz, Coherus Bioscience’s Cimerli, and Genentech’s Susvimo), nAMD patients now have more options when switching therapies. However, tried and true therapies such as ophthalmologist favorite, Regeneron’s Eylea and Genentech’s off-label Avastin continue to dominate the market.

Furthermore, profiling of patient candidates for the emerging agent Vabysmo suggests future challenges for current mainstays. Biosimilars Byooviz, and Cimerli have yet to gain traction in the switch market due to their recent entry, minimal utilization of originator Genentech’s Lucentis, and general uncertainty surrounding the biosimilar class.

Spherix’s missed share analysis included in their RealWorld Dynamix™ service examines each audited patient’s “back-up” brand choice – that is, the agent they would have been prescribed had the switch-to brand not been available. Interestingly, while Vabysmo has come in strong as the second highest switch therapy amongst audited patients, it left the most on the table, followed closely by Lucentis.

Reasons for switch agent selection include both perceptions of clinical metrics as well as comfort, familiarity, and belief the selected agent was the best option. While the majority of nAMD patients start their biologic treatment on off-label Avastin, likely due to cost, access, and proven efficacy, subsequent lines of therapy rely heavily on Eylea where ophthalmologists have come to know and trust the therapy’s results.

About RealWorld Dynamix™

RealWorld Dynamix is an independent, data-driven service unmasking real patient management patterns through annual reports based on chart audits of ~550 patients. The report uncovers the “why” behind treatment decisions and integrates specialists’ attitudinal & demographic data to highlight differences between stated and actual treatment patterns.

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