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RealWorld Dynamix™: Biologic/JAK Switching in IBD US 2018 Spotlight

A recent audit of 1,006 inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients recently switched from one biologic/JAK therapy to another found that TNFs are largely preferred for first-line treatment, though at second line, close to half of surveyed gastroenterologists (n=191) chose an alternate mechanism of action (MOA) in Crohn’s disease and about 40% preferred an alternate MOA in ulcerative colitis (UC). View complimentary data highlights.

January 8, 2019|

RealTime Dynamix™: Multiple Sclerosis US Q4 2018 Spotlight

Insights from the Mavenclad prelaunch section in the most recent quarterly report suggest a later line role for Mavenclad among DMT-refractory RMS patients with aggressive disease activity. Vumerity, on the other hand, will most likely be used earlier in the treatment algorithm in Tecfidera candidates where avoidance of tolerability issues is key. View complimentary data highlights from the full report below.

December 17, 2018|

RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis US Q4 2018 Spotlight

Spherix Global Insights’ fourth quarter update of RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis (US), which includes the feedback of 100 U.S. dermatologists, reveals that Ilumya will likely face an uphill battle for adoption. Conversely, Tremfya, the first IL-23 inhibitor to be FDA approved for the treatment of psoriasis, continues to grow, making it difficult for newcomer Ilumya to establish preference over Janssen’s agent. View complimentary data highlights from the most recent update of the quarterly series below.

December 5, 2018|

RealWorld Dynamix™: Biologic/Otezla Switching in Psoriasis US 2018 Spotlight II: The Patient Journey

We analyzed the charts of 1,006 US psoriasis patients who were switched from one biologic/small molecule to a different brand in the past three months. Here we highlight one patient record from Spherix's RealWorld Dynamix: Biologic/Otezla Switching in Psoriasis (US) audit, detailing the patient's journey from diagnosis to their current switched treatment.

December 3, 2018|

RealWorld Dynamix™: Biologic/Otezla Switching in Psoriasis US 2018 Spotlight

Efficacy is the most common trigger for a switch, though the switch patterns differ dramatically depending on whether it was a primary vs. secondary efficacy issue, with other factors, such as patient and payer influence, also playing a role. Reasons for new brand choice also vary between classes of treatment. View complimentary data highlights full 2018 report below.

November 28, 2018|