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Special Report: Multi-Specialty Impact of COVID-192020-07-10T15:18:09+00:00

Special Report: Multi-Specialty Impact of COVID-19 (US)

Special Report: Multi-Specialty Impact of COVID-19 (US) is an ongoing series of monitoring evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on physicians and their practices – including, but not limited to, the utilization of telemedicine, at-risk patient groups, key concerns, support from industry, future changes in prescribing patterns, how practices are beginning to re-open, and what changes have been implemented as the new normal.

Specialty reports are available for dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, and rheumatology. Each wave will consist of feedback gathered from 250 specialists (~50 per specialty), geographically dispersed across the US. The report is offered by specialty and includes high-level cross-specialty comparisons trended since mid-March. Waves 8-10 are set to publish in July, August, and September.

Content Categories Include:

Impact on Practice

  • Financial impact on practice
  • Level of concern for patients
  • Covering for partners
  • Impact on clinical trial involvement
  • Policies against travel/meetings
  • Conference cancellations
  • Restricting non-essential visits (industry, etc.)
  • Implementation of telemedicine
  • Preparedness for widespread local outbreak
  • Appointment cancellations
  • Rescheduling routine visits
  • Overall impact to patient flow


  • Belief in being able to “flatten the curve”
  • Satisfaction with how government handling
  • Impact on supply chain for medication access
  • Access to care from ER/ED or urgent care facilities
  • Expected timeline for resolution?
  • Government performance
  • Willingness to try new products currently
  • Willingness to initiate patients on therapy or change treatment
  • Familiarity and anticipated utility of Gilead’s remdesivir against COVID-19

Interaction with Industry

  • Restrictions of in-person contact
  • Recent industry contact methods
  • Pharmaceutical industry support during outbreak
  • Pharmaceutical company most active in addressing COVID-19 at national level / within personal practice


  • Number requesting test
  • Level of risk among requesting patients
  • Number tested
  • Number of positive/negative among those tested
  • Logistics of testing
  • Barriers to testing

Information on COVID-19

  • Source(s) being used for your own information
  • Most valuable information sources
  • Contact with state health department
  • How informed physicians feel about COVID-19 testing, guidelines, and treatment


  • Percent at risk
  • Characteristics of most at risk
  • How well informed about true risks


  • Specialty, patient volume, practice type, practice location, infusion capabilities, and clinical trial participation
  • Nearby outbreak and related restrictions
  • Personal travel to EU or China in past three months

Specialty specific

  • In immune, use of IL-6 inhibitors
  • In MS, switching from or delaying next doses of immunosuppressant DMTs
  • In migraine, use of newly approved therapy or anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies
  • In nephrology, impact in dialysis units

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