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Immunology Biosimilars

Immunology Biosimilars Market Research

What is the Immunology Biosimilar Market

2023 has seen the first of many adalimumab biosimilars in the US. Amgen’s Amjevita was the first to launch in January, with a potential for nine more to follow this year. AbbVie’s Humira (adalimumab) is highly utilized across immunology and the intense, new competition is sure to shake up the market. Adalimumab was not the first to see this market pressure. Infliximab biosimilars (Janssen’s Remicade) have been on the market for several years and ustekinumab (Janssen’s Stelara) and tocilizumab (Genentech’s Actemra) will soon be feeling the pressure too.

But what is a biosimilars? A biosimilar is a biological product that is highly similar to and has no clinically meaningful differences from an existing FDA-approved product in terms of safety, purity, and potency (safety and effectiveness). A manufacturer developing a proposed biosimilar must demonstrate that its product is highly similar to the reference product by extensively analyzing the structure and function of both the reference product and the proposed biosimilar. In order to qualify as a biosimilar, the agent must also have the same route of administration and dose and be used for the same condition/s as the reference drug. Biosimilars may offer more affordable treatment options to patients than the existing FDA-approved products on which they are based.

Spherix Global Insights – Immunology Biosimilar Market

Spherix’s covers Immunology Biosimilars in our Special Topix™ service. Spherix’s has the following studies publishing this year covering Immunology Biosimilars:

  • Special Topix™: Biosimilars Today and Tomorrow- Dermatology (US)
  • Special Topix™: Biosimilars Today and Tomorrow- Gastroenterology (US)
  • Special Topix™: Biosimilars Today and Tomorrow- Rheumatology (US)

Special Topix™: Immune Biosimilars Today and Tomorrow (US) advisory service consists of quarterly deep dive reports based on a large-scale survey and select qualitative interviews with biologic coordinators. It is coupled with monthly pulses tracking HCP experience with Amjevita as well as perceptions and intentions related to future adalimumab biosimilar entrants.

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