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September 01, 2015

Rheumatologists Plan to Increase their Use of Pfizer’s Xeljanz, Janssen’s Simponi and Roche’s Actemra in the Next Month

Over 40% of current Xeljanz users expect to increase use, with many rheumatologists initiating the agent prior to biologics, according to Spherix Global Insights, GmbH

September 1, 2015 – Zug, Switzerland – Feedback gathered from 101 rheumatologists in August reveals that while anti-TNF inhibitors remain entrenched in most practices, use of Xeljanz, Actemra and Simponi experienced significant growth in the past month. The use of biologic/JAK monotherapy is also evolving with Xeljanz and Actemra increasingly being used along with mainstay anti-TNF inhibitors, Amgen’s Enbrel and AbbVie’s Humira.

Interesting dynamics were also observed between brands with both intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC) formulations. Actemra is the only brand experiencing growth in both formulations. More than 80% of surveyed rheumatologists have started to use Actemra SC; mainly in patients originating from other biologics, whereas Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Orencia SC is pulling a higher percentage of patients from its own IV formulation. With Simponi, growth is projected for Aria, its IV formulation; with a slight offset to the SC form.

About half of surveyed rheumatologists are also shifting their use of IV agents. Rheumatologists that report increasing use of IV agents highlight the adherence benefits offered with IV agents and preferred use in overweight, obese and aging RA patients; whereas those that report decreasing use of IV biologics, point to a growing use of SC agents and oral Xeljanz which is administered twice-daily. Rheumatologists expect that if once-daily Xeljanz is approved, it will further bolster the brand.

The RA market remains dynamic with increased switching and evolving attitudes about brands and formulations. RealTime Dynamix: Rheumatoid Arthritis is a monthly service that combines large scale primary research with unparalleled market understanding to delve into the latest trends and controversies in this market. A parallel offering covers the Psoriatic Arthritis market.

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