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Spherix Global Insights Reports Sun Dermatology’s Ilumya Faces Challenges in A Crowded Psoriasis Market

In an increasingly competitive psoriasis market, Sun Dermatology will need to bolster representative contact to increase brand familiarity and provide physicians with a rationale on why their IL-23 inhibitor should be prescribed over Janssen's Tremfya. Download Report Overview EXTON, Pa., Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Spherix Global Insights' fourth quarter update of RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis (US), which includes the feedback of 100 U.S. dermatologists, reveals that Ilumya will likely face an uphill battle for adoption. Conversely, Tremfya, the first IL-23 inhibitor to be FDA approved for the treatment of psoriasis, continues to grow, making it difficult for newcomer Ilumya to establish preference over Janssen's [...]

December 5, 2018|

In Rheumatoid Arthritis, TNF Cycling Continues to Be Highly Prevalent, Though Alternate Mechanism Agents Are Capturing a Greater Percentage of the Switching Population Compared to the Prior Year

According to the latest patient audit analysis from Spherix Global Insights, biosimilars have gained ground, but the overall infliximab pie in the rheumatoid arthritis switching segment is beginning to shrink Download Report Overview Exton, PA., December 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In Spherix Global Insight’s third annual RealWorld Dynamix: Biologic/JAK Switching in Rheumatoid Arthritis (US) study, 211 U.S. rheumatologists collaborated to provide detailed patient chart reviews on 1,074 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that were recently switched from one biologic/JAK to a different brand.  The study, which published last week, analyzed clinical and non-clinical factors to trigger switching and probed into [...]

December 4, 2018|

Spherix Global Insights’ Annual Update of the Psoriasis Switching Market Reveals Significant Gains for Janssen’s Tremfya, Much to the Detriment of Sister-Brand Stelara

US dermatologists are keen on moving to a biologic with an alternative mechanism of action in the second- or later-line setting, with Tremfya claiming the title as biggest winner of the 2018 switching game Download Report Overview Exton, PA., November 20, 2018 / PRNewswire / — Biologic agents with alternate mechanisms of action (MOA) for the treatment of psoriasis are becoming increasingly popular, according to the second annual edition of Spherix Global Insights’ biologic/Otezla switching patient chart audit (n=1,006). The majority of collaborating US dermatologists (n=186) agree that they foresee alternative MOA biologic brands moving up as preferred first-line agents [...]

November 20, 2018|

Recent Progressive Forms of Multiple Sclerosis Chart Audit Provides Evidence That the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s Comparators of Interest for Novartis’ Siponimod Assessment May Not Be Relevant for the Not Active Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Segment

While Roche's Ocrevus dominates the primary progressive multiple sclerosis segment, neurologists' perceptions of the brand drive some to prescribe alternative monoclonal antibody therapies, according to a recently published independent audit from Spherix Global Insights Download Report Overview EXTON, Pa., Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) released their draft background and scope document on October 31st in support of their evaluation of the health and economic outcomes of Novartis's Mayzent (siponimod) for the treatment of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS). According to Spherix Global Insights' recently published RealWorld Dynamix™: Progressive Forms of Multiple Sclerosis (US) audit, ICER's recognition of progressive disease as "active" [...]

November 13, 2018|

Sanofi/Regeneron’s Dupixent Continues to Flourish as the Only Atopic Dermatitis Game in Town, but US Dermatologists Identify a Gap Between Current Patients and Candidates for Treatment

With Dupixent only capturing a piece of the potential candidate pie, there remains ample runway for new agents in development to enter this highly dynamic market. Download Report Overview EXTON, Pa., Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - After over a year and a half on the market, U.S. dermatologists (n=102) remain extremely pleased with Sanofi/Regeneron's Dupixent. In Spherix's fourth quarter update of RealTime Dynamix™: Atopic Dermatitis (US), collaborating dermatologists indicated that the first biologic to treat moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis has consistently exceeded expectations, and satisfaction with the IL-4/13 inhibitor remains extremely high. Furthermore, Dupixent has exhibited impressive efficacy as only a small minority of patients have experienced [...]

November 7, 2018|

In Multiple Myeloma, Janssen’s Darzalex Posted Significant Gains Over the Past Six Months, but May Face an Increasingly Restrictive Payer Environment

According to a new report from Spherix Global Insights, provider reimbursement anxiety and escalating out-of-pocket costs, as patients live longer and use these therapies for even more extended periods of time, are primary issues that could become barriers to increased use of Darzalex, although future projections still look strong. Download Report Overview Exton, PA. October 31, 2018 / PRNewswire / – In a recent survey of 103 oncologists and hematologists, Spherix Global Insights, an independent market analytics firm, found that payers may be playing an increasing role in therapy sequencing in multiple myeloma (MM). 40% of the surveyed respondents report [...]

October 31, 2018|