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Ophthalmologists Favor Genentech’s Vabysmo and Regeneron’s Eylea HD for Diabetic Macular Edema Treatment Despite Payer Constraints 

New prescriptions for Vabysmo and Eylea HD outpace reported current brand share, indicating further growth of the brands, according to Spherix Global Insights. 

EXTON, PA., June 24, 2024 – The treatment landscape for Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) continues to evolve, with innovative therapies and emerging data significantly shaping prescribing patterns. DME is the leading cause of vision loss in individuals with diabetes, and as its prevalence continues to rise, ophthalmologists are increasingly turning to advanced treatments to manage this condition effectively.  

The latest research from Spherix’s Q2 RealTime Dynamix: Diabetic Macula Edema study reveals Genentech’s Vabysmo and Regeneron’s Eylea HD have emerged as the key players in the category with Eylea 2mg, once the gold standard, taking a back seat while Vabysmo and Eylea HD gain traction in terms of overall preference and satisfaction. Despite facing payer constraints, these treatments are gaining market share and preference among US ophthalmologists (n=102). 

Recent data reveals that Regeneron’s Eylea (2mg), and compounded bevacizumab (Avastin) continue to be share leaders for DME. In this study, Spherix also looked at the most-recent five prescriptions (NRx) for DME. Notably, the last-five NRx shares of Vabysmo and Eylea HD surpass their overall brand shares, indicating the likely continued growth for these therapies. 

Study results suggest further that, in an ideal world without payer restraints, respondents are divided between Vabysmo and Eylea HD as their most preferred DME treatments due to Vabysmo’s overall efficacy and Eylea HD’s drying effect.

Due to a high rate of brand switching in DME, the order in which ophthalmologists prescribe either Eylea HD or Vabysmo matters for Genentech, Regeneron, Kodiak Sciences, 4D Molecular Therapeutics, REGENXBIO, and other current and prospective therapy manufacturers. Slightly more ophthalmologists are likely to prescribe Vabysmo before Eylea HD than the inverse, and about a quarter of ophthalmologists have no preference for order stating that the patient’s needs drive their decision.  

Prescribing in this category is starting to look like a coin flip between Vabysmo and Eylea HD as they are rated similarly in terms of duration of action, drying effect and other efficacy perceptions. Thus, payer approval and access are critical for deciding what gets prescribed to the patient. Due to payer restrictions, 32% of ophthalmologists report that DME patients are receiving suboptimal treatment due to inadequate insurance coverage, and 37% believe payer requirements for first-line treatment are leading to suboptimal care. Spherix is closely monitoring the impact of the new permanent J-code for Eylea HD, received April 1st, to see how it impacts relative use of the Regeneron and Genentech brands.  

Spherix Global Insights will continue to monitor these trends and provide valuable insights to improve patient outcomes in the treatment of DME. 

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