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August 20, 2015

Nephrologists Perceive the Anemia Effects of Keryx’s Auryxia to be Favorable, but Market Penetration at Six Months Post Launch is Low


Familiarity with Auryxia is the primary barrier to adoption and growth, according to Spherix Global Insights, GmbH

 August 20, 2015 – Zug, Switzerland –RealTime Dynamix: Nephrology reveals that while Keryx contact rates for Auryxia are in line with those of competitors, familiarity with the product remains low. Market access also appears to be a barrier, which is not only hindering new patient starts, but also triggering Auryxia discontinuations. That barrier may soon be alleviated based on Keryx’s recent announcement about expanded reimbursement gained earlier this month.

 The anemia market is becoming more dynamic with the introduction of Roche’s Mircera (marketed in the US by Galenica), a long acting erythropoietin stimulating agent (“ESA”). More than one-third of the respondents indicated that their primary dialysis unit had undergone a formulary change affecting ESAs, almost entirely in favor of Mircera which is reflected in share gains this month. Within the iron market, Rockwell Medical is aiming to secure a position for its new iron dialysate product, Triferic. Nephrologists are still largely unaware of Triferic and even among those who are somewhat familiar with Triferic, few indicate plans to incorporate it into their dialysis center formularies.

 The survey, completed by 94 nephrologists in early July, also highlights growing familiarity with Relypsa’s Patriromer and ZS Pharma’s ZS-9, two agents in late stage development for hyperkalemia. Although most of those who are familiar with these agents feel that it is too early to form an opinion as to whether one holds a competitive advantage over the other, the market is clearly excited to have new options for hyperkalemia, with a fair percentage of respondents indicating that they would incorporate these new agents into their clinical practice soon after approval. A more detailed look at the market for hyperkalemia is provided in: Market Dynamix: Hyperkalemia.

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