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March 29, 2023

Genentech’s Vabysmo Well-Received Amongst Ophthalmologists, but Use Continues to Lag the Competition, According to Spherix Global Insights

Despite a very satisfied Vabysmo user-base, Regeneron’s 8mg aflibercept is already highly anticipated by ophthalmologists and likely to throw a wrench into Vabysmo’s positive trajectory.

EXTON, Pa., March 29, 2023 – According to Spherix Global Insights’ Launch Dynamix™: Vabysmo service, to no surprise, Regeneron’s Eylea continues to lead the charge in both the nAMD and DME landscapes. Although Vabysmo is increasingly gaining in popularity, the brand has only managed to capture a fraction of the market. Given its drying abilities, ophthalmologists often reserve the agent for their more treatment-resistant nAMD and DME patients, while others report a hesitancy to initiate more novel agents; often relegating use to later-lines of therapy.

Although Vabysmo received a permanent J-code this past October, ophthalmologists still cite reimbursement hassles as a primary deterrent in their adoption of the agent in both indications. Out-of-pocket costs also muddy the waters for potential prescribers. However, qualitative reports suggest that Vabysmo has momentum to become a more regular second-line treatment in both nAMD and DME if the agent continues to deliver positive results, particularly in patients with a high treatment frequency.

Reducing treatment burden is a key focal point for physicians, an aspect that Vabysmo currently wins favor for given the convenient q16w dosing schedule; however, the asset’s dosing edge could be short-lived. Competition is already building between Vabysmo and the anticipated approval of high-dose Eylea. Regeneron’s 8mg aflibercept has an action date set for July of this year thanks to a priority review voucher. Indeed, many ophthalmologists are expecting Regeneron’s pipeline agent to rival Vabysmo’s extended dosing schedule. Vabysmo’s current projected peak share can expect to fall by several percentage points if 8mg aflibercept is approved with q16-week dosing. The vast majority of ophthalmologists also report a likelihood of prescribing higher-dosed Eylea over Vabysmo if given the option. Qualitative reports suggest this may be due in-part to the patient perspective of trialing a higher dosed version of their current agent, rather than the conversation that would accompany a switch to a novel mechanism.

Despite this added challenge, there may still be hope for Vabysmo’s continued success.  Indeed, prescriber projections estimate 8mg aflibercept is most likely to cannibalize use of branded Eylea (currently marketed 2mg aflibercept) amongst nAMD patients, followed by off-label Avastin and Lucentis.

According to Spherix’s RealTime Dynamix™: nAMD Q1 study ophthalmologists project that over the next five years, 8mg aflibercept shares will steadily rise while Eylea and off-label Avastin share will see particularly large declines. Vabysmo, on the other hand, is expected to slowly gain a modest proportion of share, though not to the same degree as 8mg aflibercept over the same time period. Indeed, this projection paints a rather hopeful future that both Vabysmo and 8mg aflibercept can coexist as nAMD treatment options.

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