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Our seasoned team of experts provides an unbiased and holistic view of the landscape within rapidly evolving specialty markets, including dermatology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nephrology, neurology, and ophthalmology. We bring a deep understanding of both the clinical aspects and market dynamics of the therapeutic areas cover.

Leadership team

Dan Barton


Jennifer Robinson

Board of Directors & Strategic Advisor

Kevin Robinson


Lynn Price

Strategic Advisor, Insights & Alliances

Tucker Hurtado

Vice President, New Product Planning

Blaine Cloud

Franchise Head, Neurology & Ophthalmology

Gianna Melendez

Franchise Head, Dermatology

Jim Hickey

Franchise Head, Gastroenterology

Maxine Yarnall

Franchise Head, Rheumatology

Meghan Weiss

Franchise Head, Nephrology

Stephanie Crestani

Office Manager

Insights team

Alissa Algarin

Insights Director, Neurology

Kristen Buckley

Senior Insights Analyst, Ophthalmology

Shirley Chen

Senior Insights Analyst, Dermatology

Lisa Fendrick

Insights Director, Gastroenterology

Frank Franzino

Insights Director, Neurology

Lisa Giannoumis

Insights Director, Dermatology

Sawyer May

Senior Insights Analyst, Rheumatology

Charisse Pearson-Bey

Associate Insights Director, Launch Dynamix

Nicole Pezzopane

Insights Analyst, Biosimilars & Ophthalmology

Sophia Recchilungo

Senior Insights Analyst, Dermatology

Stephen Regan

Insights Director, Nephrology

Ryan Rex

Insights Director, Nephrology

Justin Snyder

Insights Analyst, Nephrology

Michael Stowe

Insights Analyst, Gastroenterology

Sales & Marketing team

Sydney Santiago

Marketing Manager

Geoff Dodd

Client Services Liaison

Operations team

Marc Brown

Director of Operations

Andrew Donnachie

Senior Data Analyst, Launch Dynamics & New Product Planning

Colin Gibbons

Senior Data Analyst, Launch Dynamics & New Product Planning

Xavier Mazurek

Product Planning Associate

Virginia Schobel

Director, Brand Innovation

Tracey Somers

Product Manager, Launch Dynamix

Analytics team

Aaron Constein

Senior Data Analyst, Ophthalmology

Justin Kaluza

Manager, Data Analytics

Zoe Maas

Senior Data Analyst, Rheumatology

Kyle Mackay

Manager, Data Analytics

Ellie McClatchy

Insights Analyst, Nephrology

Harry Rohlfing

Senior Data Analyst, Neurology

Ed Watson

Senior Data Analyst, Dermatology

Network & Programming team

Patrick Costello


Elisa Ferrante

Network Associate, Nephrology

Jared Hockenberry

Network Associate, Neurology & Ophthalmology

Jim Laguna


Connor Murphy

Network Associate, Gastroenterology

Austin Zeitter

Network Associate, Dermatology & Rheumatology

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Spherix is excited to announce our expansion into an additional, rapidly evolving specialty market:


Throughout 2024, we will be publishing over
10 groundbreaking studies covering a wide range of indications within classical hematology.