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At Fifteen Months Post-Launch, AbbVie’s Qulipta Outperforms Pfizer’s Nurtec ODT on Perceived Overall Efficacy in the Preventive Migraine Space, According to Spherix Global Insights

Use of Qulipta as a preventive migraine treatment still trails Nurtec ODT, but future projections have the brands’ use on par.

Exton, PA., March 16, 2023 – Spherix Global Insights recently released data from their Launch Dynamix™: Qulipta for Migraine Prevention (US) deep dive study tracking the launch of AbbVie’s Qulipta for the preventive treatment of episodic migraines. At fifteen months post-launch, analysis reveals that AbbVie’s brand has made significant strides over the course of their entry on prescriber perceptions, including increasingly favorable rating for Qulipta awareness, familiarity, use, satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and the brand’s risk/benefit and cost/benefit ratios.

Furthermore, the past several months have revealed quite a surge for Qulipta preference in a head-to-head comparison with Nurtec ODT among surveyed neurologists and migraine specialists (n=74). The AbbVie offering now holds a perceived competitive edge over Nurtec ODT in many of the attributes they were previously at parity on earlier in launch. Specifically, Qulipta is viewed as performing better than Nurtec ODT when it comes to overall efficacy and safety, and most notably, favorable dosing schedule. Indeed, Qulipta’s once-a-day tablet dosing is much more preferred among physicians than Nurtec ODT’s once-every-other day offering. As one migraine treater noted,

“Qulipta is a good choice and the patient was more comfortable with Qulipta than the Nurtec dosing. The patient really liked the once-a-day option as opposed to trying to figure out when to do it because they didn’t have really good triggers.”

Earlier in launch, Qulipta trailed the more established preventive treatments such as Eli Lilly’s Emgality, Amgen’s Aimovig and Teva’s Ajovy for familiarity, degree of advance and patient user base at a similar post-launch time frame; however, Qulipta has made up substantial ground bringing their launch aligned with or even surpassing these benchmarked treatment options – including Nurtec ODT – across these metrics.

These positive upswings for Qulipta over the past several months have yielded, on average, a 100% increase in brand share; however, other brands, including Emgality, Aimovig, Ajovy and Nurtec ODT have also made incremental gains during the same period, mostly at the expense of topiramate, other anticonvulsants, beta blockers, and calcium channel antagonists. These movements have resulted in a relatively even market share across the branded products, and in-turn created an increasingly competitive landscape.

As Spherix nears the completion of launch tracking for Qulipta at the eighteen-month mark, attention will shift to the several preventive treatments in Phase 2 trials, including Pfizer’s soft gel zavegepant, Aeon Biopharma’s ABP-450, Tonix Pharmaceuticals’ TNX-1900, and Lundbeck’s LY3451838 – all of which expect to publish interim data by the end of 2023. Furthermore, AbbVie awaits approval for Qulipta for chronic migraine prevention, which would make it the only approved treatment for both types of migraine: episodic and chronic. Spherix will continue to follow the more established products currently available for the preventive treatment of migraine.

Since 2018, Spherix Global Insights has tracked the migraine market and will continue coverage of this ever-growing space. Uptake and impact of Pfizer’s newly approved Zavzpret (zavegepant) for acute migraine treatment will be closely monitored via the Launch Dynamix™ service, while RealTime Dynamix™ covers overall in-line use, perceptions, pipeline awareness and intent, and perceptions of acute and preventive treatments. New start and switching patient segments will be explored via RealWorld Dynamix™ services, including drivers of brand choice, treatment by acute and preventive products and severity levels, and potential next switches.

About Launch Dynamix™

Launch Dynamix™ is an independent service providing monthly benchmarking of newly launched products for the first eighteen months of commercial availability, augmented by a quarterly deep dive into promotional activity, barriers to uptake, and patient types gravitating to the launch brand.

About RealTime Dynamix™

RealTime Dynamix™ is an independent service providing strategic guidance through quarterly or semiannual reports, which include market trending and a fresh infusion of event-driven and variable content with each wave. The reports provide an unbiased view of the competitive landscape within rapidly evolving specialty markets, fueled by robust HCP primary research and our in-house team of experts.

About RealWorld Dynamix™

RealWorld Dynamix™ is an independent, data-driven service unveiling real patient management patterns through rigorous analysis of large-scale patient chart audits. Insights reveal the “why” behind treatment decisions, include year over year trending to quantify key aspects of market evolution, and integrate specialists’ attitudinal & demographic data to highlight differences between stated and actual treatment patterns.

About Spherix Global Insights

Spherix Global Insights is a leading provider of market research, business intelligence and advisory services to the global life sciences industry. The company’s unique service offerings are powered by deep therapeutic knowledge, the Spherix Network specialty physician panel, and commercially relevant analyses to enable strategic decision-making by our valued customers.

A trusted advisor and industry thought leader, Spherix Global Insights provides specialized market expertise in six (6) focused therapeutic areas including: dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, rheumatology and ophthalmology.

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