Specialized patient populations that require unique or complex therapies will continue to make neurology the target for dynamic research and commercial markets. With a specific focus on the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) market in the US and the EU, Spherix is shedding light on the key dynamic issues in this fast moving category. The increased risk tolerance and the expanding number of therapies in multiple sclerosis is evolving the treatment strategies for all forms of MS.

The research plan is designed to address key questions such as: Which DMTs will feel the greatest impact of Ocrelizumab’s launch? How are the three Oral Agents delivering on the key attributes neurologists look for? What are neurologists’ attitudes towards Lemtrada?  What is the impact of patient education on treatment compliance and patient knowledge and specific treatment requests on prescribing? How are PML concerns affecting Tecfidera and Gilenya?

By answering these and other key strategic questions, Spherix aims to support our clients in making well-informed business decisions … to fuel winning strategies.

Direct from our Research!

Ocrelizumab enjoys the highest awareness among pipeline agents and it would be chosen over other pipeline agents by more than 60% of neurologists if all were available today.

Infusion Therapies have a higher share in progressive types of MS. Lemtrada is described as “effective” by neurologists surveyed but safety concerns are still a big barrier for adoption. From RealTime Dynamix: Multiple Sclerosis US 2016.

Reports new KS-01

Survey of high dynamic markets, tracking brand usage, awareness, industry contacts and evolving perceptions.

RealTime Dynamix: Multiple Sclerosis US 2016

Reports new KS-02

In-depth analysis of a robust sample of patient journeys detailing the realities of current practice.

RealWorld Dynamix: DMT’s New Starts in Multiple Sclerosis US 2016