RealWorld Dynamix™: Switiching DMTs in Multiple Sclerosis

There is dynamic and then there is “uber-dynamic” which is where the MS market is headed with the expected upcoming approval of Roche/Genentech’s ocrelizumab. Our RealWorld Dynamix studies take patient-level data and analysis to a whole new level by focusing on the aspects of the market that are morphing - the changes in DMT new

RealTime Dynamix™: Crohn’s Disease Q3

RealTime Dynamix™Crohn’s Disease Q3 is the first installment of a quarterly publication focusing on current and anticipated trends in the Crohn’s disease (CD) market. Analysis covers the major inline brands including Remicade, Humira, Entyvio, Cimzia, Simponi, and Tysabri, as well as key pipeline agents, including Stelara and Xeljanz.

RealTime Dynamix™: Rheumatoid Arthritis Q2

The RealTime Dynamix™: Rheumatoid Arthritis report series provides a detailed and timely look at current and future trends in the RA market, and the effects of the future shifting landscape. Through a survey of 100 US rheumatologists, the 2016 Q2 installment does a deep dive into the influence and restrictions of managed care on biologic/JAK prescribing.

RealTime Dynamix™: Multiple Sclerosis

This Spherix Global Insights report highlights responses from 100 neurologists about the evolving treatment patterns for disease-modifying therapies in MS. Emphasis on market shifts resulting from the introduction of Glatopa, the first generic DMT to enter the market, early indicators of likely uptake of Roche’s Ocrevus and which DMTs face the greatest threat and where AbbVie/Biogen’s Zinbryta will find its place in the treatment paradigm. This report offers a balance of trending metrics with fresh new content each quarter and helps clients stay up to date on this highly competitive and dynamic market.

RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis Q2

RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis Q2 is the first report in a three-part 2016 series focusing on current and anticipated future trends in the PsO market. Report content also includes a detailed look at dermatologists’ adoption of Taltz. Major inline brands covered include Cosentyx, Enbrel, Humira, Otezla, Remicade, Stelara, and Taltz. PsO pipeline agents covered include brodalumab, guselkumab, tildrakizumab, and the recently approved biosimilar, Inflectra. Here we spotlight some key findings from this robust study.