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A passion for turning high quality, independent research insights into actionable commercial intelligence.

Why Spherix Global Insights?

We aspire to be the intelligence provider of choice in the select therapy areas we cover and therefore invest in our client relationships as long-term partnerships. Our intelligence teams have extensive experience in market research, data analysis, pharma brand management and strategic marketing.

We understand the business context of the research because our leadership has been in the decision-maker’s seat before and understands the challenges and missed opportunities caused by data you can’t be truly confident in.

We are hyper-focused on just four specialty areas because we believe in mastery. This ensures we bring a deep understanding of both the clinical aspects and market dynamics for the diseases we work with.

Working with our KOL advisory boards in each of our focus areas we keep our finger on the pulse of the key clinical and commercial market issues and drivers. Our experts also provide input and interpretation of the findings to finely tune the final reports.

We field our own research through a proprietary network of engaged physician, ancillary healthcare and patient networks. By owning our own proprietary networks of physicians, patients and ancillary healthcare workers we can control the quality of the respondents and ensure that you are getting insights from a group representative of your customer base.

Our independent reports are designed, developed and fielded by Spherix

  • We ask the tough and real questions you cannot address with custom research models
  • We develop our own physician and patient networks
  • We analyze findings strategize about the commercial implications
  • We develop actionable, high value reports specific to the key issues in our target markets

Invest In Intelligence That Delivers.

For more information about Spherix Global Insights and our services contact us at [email protected] or by clicking here.