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September 23, 2016

Use Of Takeda’s Entyvio Fueled By Gastroenterologists Seeking Better Outcomes And Alternatives To AbbVie’s Humira And Janssen’s Remicade In The Treatment Of Crohn’s Disease

According to a recently released independent report from Spherix Global Insights there is high demand for alternative mechanism biologics and small molecules in the IBD arena

ZUG, Switzerland, Sept. 23, 2016 — In a market long dominated by AbbVie’s Humira and Janssen’s Remicade, practice patterns are shifting and novel pipeline agents will introduce a new treatment paradigm in Crohn’s Disease.

In a recent study conducted by Spherix Global Insights, US gastroenterologists (n=90) describe changes in patient management, largely including the increased use of Entyvio and a more aggressive approach with biologics overall. But it doesn’t stop there; more than 70% of the surveyed gastroenterologists agree that there is a high need for new biologics for IBD.

Even though the group reports higher satisfaction with biologics compared to other drug classes, there is still ample room for improvement. According to one respondent, “None of the medications work over 60% of the time to get remission. Patient compliance, side effects and, as always, cost” represent big challenges for physicians…and big opportunities for newcomers.

The pipeline is robust, with Janssen’s Stelara and Pfizer’s Xeljanz, both already on the market for other indications, enjoying the highest familiarity. In fact, 59% of those surveyed report that they have learned more about Stelara in the past three months and about one in five already have experience using the drug off-label. 29% report at least moderate familiarity with Roche/Genentech’s etrolizumab, but overall, familiarity with non-commercial pipeline agents is low. Further analysis on pipeline agents from Celgene (mongerson, ozanimod, apremilast), Biogen (MT-1303), AbbVie/BI (risankizumab), Medimmune (MEDI2070) and Gilead (filgotinib and GS-5745) will be explored in the Q4 wave of this series.

While gastroenterologists await new agents, Entyvio is poised to benefit. The majority of surveyed gastroenterologists report increased use of Entyvio over the past three months and significant share increases are projected for the brand in the next six months. Based on analysis of 1,032 biologic-treated IBD patients who were recently switched to a different biologic (RealWorld Dynamix: Biologic Switching in IBD), Entyvio gains share with each subsequent line of therapy. Furthermore, an estimated 23% of biologic-treated patients are not achieving optimal results with their current agent which opens the door not just for Entyvio, but for the novel products in the pipeline moving closer to approval.

RealTime Dynamix: Crohn’s Disease is a quarterly report based on the responses of approximately 100 US gastroenterologists. In addition to coverage of the Crohn’s Disease market, RealTime Dynamix is also offered for Ulcerative Colitis and a wide range of other autoimmune indications.

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