Enterprise Virtual Patient Acquisition Platform

Unique targeted messaging opportunities other channels don’t provide.

and scalable

Use existing
media assets

Rx lift

new writers

Populus connects a highly targeted condition specific audience (consumer or HCP) directly to your brand, attracting new patients and driving awareness. Our exclusive telehealth marketplace provides access to HCPs who may not regularly prescribe your brand.

Drive engagement further down the funnel.

Help consumers transition from awareness to action by bringing them directly into a conversation with their physician at the right time.
Amplify your brand message with a highly targeted condition-specific captive audience at scale. Engage patients with clinical messaging pre and post telehealth conversations with physicians.
Target patients when searching about their condition. Take advantage of opportunities within asynchronous Q&A sessions available on Populus media partner sites to target patients based on questions asked.
HCP Reach connects brands to physicians directly from their virtual workspace.

Shorten the past to prescription by delivering targeted deterministic clinical messaging at scale within the virtual care ecosystem.

Spherix is excited to announce our expansion into an additional, rapidly evolving specialty market:


Throughout 2024, we will be publishing over
10 groundbreaking studies covering a wide range of indications within classical hematology.