DTP Reach

Connect your brand to physicians directly from their virtual workspace through
Populus’ marketplace of telehealth partners.

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physicians using
telehealth today*

Access healthcare virtualists from diverse specialties not reached by traditional non-personal promotion.

How HCP Reach works

Physician Workflow

Physician Targeting

The Engagement

HCP logs into their virtua care oracuce management platform.
HCP targeted directly within virtual care workflow. As close to the patient as possible.
Physicians is served as with the right message at the right place for the best outcomes.

100% targeting before and after consults

Supported formats include:

Shorten the past to prescription by delivering targeted deterministic clinical messaging at scale within the virtual care ecosystem.

Spherix is excited to announce our expansion into an additional, rapidly evolving specialty market:


Throughout 2024, we will be publishing over
10 groundbreaking studies covering a wide range of indications within classical hematology.