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RealTime Dynamix: Multiple Myeloma

The US multiple myeloma (MM) market is one of the more dynamic and complex therapeutic areas within the cancer landscape. New and emerging therapeutic options such as Amgen’s Xgeva, BMS’ Empliciti, Janssen’s Darzalex, and Takeda’s Ninlaro are rapidly changing oncologists views on drug combinations, sequencing, and goals of therapy.

RealTime Dynamix™: Multiple Myeloma (US) 2018 series provides a detailed and timely look at current and future trends in the MM market and the impact to leading brands related to the rapidly evolving landscape. The independent study features quarterly releases, allowing for close monitoring and trending of key performance metrics. In addition to the trended measures, the report also includes granular insight on recent launches and variable content addressing cutting edge issues. The rapid field-to-insight turnaround time, highly relevant content, and unparalleled knowledge of the oncology market make this an essential tool for companies competing in the space, as well as those with near-term plans to enter it.

The report is based on an online survey of ~100 US oncologists and is fielded on a quarterly basis. Respondents are recruited from the Spherix Network, a proprietary group of oncologists in clinical practice meeting quality screening criteria. Our relationship with the network leads to more engaged respondents resulting in higher quality output and insight.

This quarterly report has been fielded since Q1 2018.

Learn more about RealTime Dynamix™ reports here.

  • What are the current unmet needs in the multiple myeloma market and how does this compare to the perceived need for other oncologic diseases?
  • What specific elements within the MM market are associated with the highest need and which pipeline agents are poised to deliver on these opportunities?
  • With the advent of so many new therapeutic agents and rethinking of strategies, what recent changes have oncologists made with regard to the treatment of MM?
  • For those who attended ASH/ASCO, what data specifically was most compelling as it relates to diagnosis, risk assignment, and treatment of MM?
  • Which products are experiencing an upswing in utilization (numbers of patients, extended treatment durations) in which patient populations and what is driving that shift? What are the leading barriers to the leading brands?
  • How is Xgeva being adopted in MM?
  • What is the expected impact upon current treatment approaches if proposed new therapies for smoldering multiple myeloma treatment prove viable?
  • How will biomarkers begin to redefine the goals of therapy, affect treatment selection, and expand treatment to new patient sub-populations? How will broader use of minimal residual disease (MRD) as a biomarker for progression risk alter current treatment guidelines?
  • What barriers are payers erecting for the use of 3 and 4 drug combinations in new and R/R MM?
  • What near term shifts in treatment paradigms should be expected with potential new indications of Mab’s in primary combination therapy?
  • How familiar are oncologists with pipeline agents and which agents do they feel will bring the most value to their practice?
Commercial Products
Amgen (Kyprolis, Xgeva), BMS (Empliciti), Celgene (Pomalyst, Revlimid), Janssen (Darzalex), Novartis (Farydak), Takeda (Ninlaro, Velcade)
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Janssen’s Darzalex Continues to Impress in Multiple Myeloma and New Indications Are Expected to Fuel Additional Growth– October 30, 2019

In Multiple Myeloma, Janssen’s Darzalex Posted Significant Gains Over the Past Six Months, but May Face an Increasingly Restrictive Payer Environment– October 31, 2018