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RealTime Dynamix: Hyperkalemia Nephrology US (quarterly)

The hyperkalemia market underwent sweeping changes with the introduction of Relypsa’s Veltassa in the beginning of 2016. Veltassa represented the first new therapy for the treatment of hyperkalemia in over 50 years. In 2017, a new competitor in AstraZeneca/ZS Pharma’s ZS-9 may come into play, however the company has received 2 Complete Response Letters thus far.

RealTime Dynamix™: Hyperkalemia provides a detailed and timely look at how the hyperkalemia market is evolving with quarterly updates of hyperkalemia treatment patterns, comparative industry contact rates, key launch metrics for Veltassa (and later Lokelma) and awareness of products in development. By incorporating fixed measures with variable content that is refreshed quarterly, this report enables you to react to changes in the market and capitalize on opportunities for your brand. The rapid field-to-insight turnaround, highly relevant content and unparalleled knowledge of the hyperkalemia market makes this an essential tool for companies competing in the space as well as those with near term plans to enter it.

Each quarter, ~100 US nephrologists participate in an online survey. Respondents may only participate in two surveys per year. Respondents are recruited from the Spherix Network, a proprietary group of over 900 clinical nephrologists. Our collaboration with this network leads to more engaged respondents resulting in higher quality output delivered quickly and frequently. Additionally, this provides an opportunity to easily revisit physicians who respond in a certain manner to get even more granular insight.

This quarterly report has been fielded since Q1 2016.

Learn more about RealTime Dynamix™ reports here.

  • What are nephrology trial rates for Veltassa across outpatient, inpatient, and dialysis? What is the formulary status of Veltassa across these settings and how does that influence use?
  • For what patient types is Veltassa being used? How are clinicians differentiating Veltassa and SPS? Is Veltassa being prescribed chronically or acutely?
  • What is the anticipated growth rate for Veltassa? What are the barriers to increased growth of Veltassa?
  • What are the perceived advantages and disadvantages of Veltassa?
  • What is the unmet need for another agent to treat hyperkalemia?
  • How familiar are nephrologists with Lokelma (sodium zirconium cyclosilicate, ZS-9) from ZS Pharma/AstraZeneca? Has the approval delay resulted in negative perceptions about the product? To what degree do nephrologists differentiate these agents? If approved, will Lokelma expand the market or cannibalize Veltassa?
Commercial Products
Relypsa/Vifor Pharma (Veltassa), Various Manufacturers (Kayexalate, Kionex)

Pipeline Agents
ZS Pharma/AstraZeneca (Lokelma)


The US Hyperkalemia Market Remains a Battle Ground Between AstraZeneca’s LOKELMA (zirconium sodium cyclosilicate) and Vifor/Relypsa’s VELTASSA (patiromer FOS) – August 24, 2020

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