RealWorld Dynamix

Retrospective Analysis Of 1,000+/- Patient Charts

RealWorld Dynamix™ is an independent report derived from a robust patient audit focused on the most dynamic segments in the switching and new starts/re-start market. Unlike claims data, the analysis includes physician assessment, rationale for treatment decisions, and future intended use of drugs. In addition, key variables such as patient engagement level, the influence of the payer, socioeconomic and QOL metrics, co-morbidities, concomitant medications, and test results are also included to provide a comprehensive analysis of the patient journey.

Design and Methodology

We field our own research through a proprietary network of engaged physicians, ancillary healthcare workers, and patients. Investing in this approach means we can control the quality of the respondents and ensure that you are getting insights from a group representative of your customer base.

Patient Audit

Retrospective analysis of 1,000+/- patient charts as provided by their treating specialist.
Each specialist completes an in-depth review of their last five patients who meet specific study criteria.

Specialty Areas Covered


Nephrology reports and research
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Immunology reports and research
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Neurology reports and research
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How Can RealWorld Dynamix Help You?

Available Information Each Year With This Service

Market Dynamics

  • Focus on dynamic segments; switch, start re-starts in biologics/DMTs
  • Net gains and losses
  • Missed opportunity analysis
  • Brand sequencing

Key Insights Derived

  • Juxtaposition of physician self-reported management and actual patient management
  • Patient level; drivers of brand choice
  • Time to next switch and projected share change
  • Impact of patient influence on brand choice
  • Brand and competitor patient profiles
  • Reasons for brand selection and discontinuation

Patient Level Insights

  • Over 100 patient level profile metrics
  • Patient demographics, comorbidities, lab values, etc.
  • Patient influence in drug choice
  • Insurance coverage
  • Patient journeys with drug therapy sequencing from diagnosis to current and projected next drug
  • Time on treatment
  • Patient profiles at diagnosis, first initiation and most recent switch


  • Data rich PowerPoint slides
  • Data set of patient level variables for ~1,000 patients
  • On-site or web-based presentation of findings
  • Option to add proprietary questions
  • Post-presentation secondary analysis support
  • Complimentary webinar attendance