RealWorld Dynamix™: DMT New Starts in MS US 2018 Spotlight III

Real time dynamix

“WIN RATIO” represents how often your brand was chosen over the alternative brand in patient cases where your brand was a lead contender for treatment selection. RealWorld Dynamix: DMT New Starts in MS (US) 2018 captures this KPI for each individual DMT allowing for trending over time, comparison to key competitors, and insight into positioning success among new start versus switch sources of business when compared across Spherix audits.

“It’s just one patient, right?”… Yes, but the audit database contains 1,033 of these unique patients. As a result, the audit represents approximately one in ten of the ~10,000 MS patients newly diagnosed each year in the US who are candidates to initiate their first DMT. The 274 collaborating neurologists, who report managing 43,001 patients with MS, estimated that 25% of their patients were initiated on their first DMT within the past year. For how many of these new start patients was your brand a contender? And more importantly, what’s your WIN RATIO?

View the complimentary infographic below to see examples of lost opportunities for Merck Serono’s Rebif, Mylan’s generic glatiramer acetate, Sanofi Genzyme’s Aubagio, and Biogen’s Tysabri and which brands increased their WIN RATIO as a result and why they competed successfully.

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