RealWorld Dynamix™: Dialysis US 2017 Spotlight

We analyzed patient chart data from 1,021 patients on chronic dialysis. The aim of the study was to assess real world treatment patterns for renal anemia, hyperphosphatemia and secondary hyperparathyroidism. The study also assessed pre-dialysis to dialysis transition and resulting medication changes. Variables collected included patient demographics including age, gender, ethnicity, QOL metrics, primary insurance and physician-ascribed adherence rates (to dialysis treatments, oral medications and phosphate binders) among others. Also captured were time on dialysis, underlying cause of CKD, medications/current dose/recent dose changes, laboratory values for 15 key biochemical parameters, key labs at medication initiation, details about most recent hospitalization. A survey of the nephrologists (n=200) also provided feedback about unmet needs, treatment approaches and brand preferences.

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