RealWorld Dynamix™: Biologic/Otezla Switching in Psoriasis US 2018 Spotlight

Real time dynamix

Biologic agents with alternate mechanisms of action (MOA) for the treatment of psoriasis are becoming increasingly popular, according to the second annual edition of Spherix Global Insights’ biologic/Otezla switching patient chart audit (n=1,006). With dermatologists now having increased (and more efficacious) options for psoriasis treatment, it’s not surprising the reported annual rate of patients switched from one biologic brand or Otezla to another brand is up significantly over the prior year.

Efficacy is the most common trigger for a switch, though the switch patterns differ dramatically depending on whether it was a primary vs. secondary efficacy issue, with other factors, such as patient and payer influence, also playing a role. Reasons for new brand choice also vary between classes of treatment. View complimentary data highlights full 2018 report below.

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