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April 01, 2017

RealTime Dynamix™: Rheumatoid Arthritis EU Q1

The EU biologics market for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is well established with a variety of drugs and mechanisms of action for treatment. Though the backbone TNF-inhibiting biologics have dominated the space for nearly two decades the availability of biosimilars and pending introduction of several new biologics and JAK-inhibitors will alter the treatment paradigm.

The RealTime Dynamix: Rheumatoid Arthritis report series provides a detailed and timely look at current and future trends in the RA market, and the effects of the future shifting landscape. The bi-annual releases allow for close monitoring and trending of key performance metrics. In addition to the fixed trended measures, the report also includes variable content addressing key current issues that is updated every six months. The rapid field-to-insight turnaround time, highly relevant content, and unparalleled knowledge of the rheumatology market make this an essential tool for companies competing in the space, as well as those with near term plans to enter it.

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