RealTime Dynamix™: Multiple Sclerosis

This Spherix Global Insights report highlights responses from 100 neurologists about the evolving treatment patterns for disease-modifying therapies in MS. Emphasis on market shifts resulting from the introduction of Glatopa, the first generic DMT to enter the market, early indicators of likely uptake of Roche’s Ocrevus and which DMTs face the greatest threat and where AbbVie/Biogen’s Zinbryta will find its place in the treatment paradigm. This report offers a balance of trending metrics with fresh new content each quarter and helps clients stay up to date on this highly competitive and dynamic market.

Which DMT is Zinbryta Most Likely to Replace?


According to 101 Neurologists, roughly half anticipate having some patients on Zinbryta within the next 6 months, largely displacing some of the DMT brand leaders.

Which DMT would you like to have access to if only one were available?


Potential Candidates by MS Type if Ocrelizumab Were To Be Approved


While fewer than 1 in 5 patients with CIS receive the JCV test, more than 40% of patients with RRMS &
progressive forms receive it, primarily when being considered for DMTs associated with PML.

Similar to the prior quarter, 37% of patients who have had the JCV test had a positive result and 56% of those receive index titers as a follow up.

JCV Testing by Type of MS


In the past six months, has the association of lymphopenia and the development of PMLwhile on Tecfidera impacted your use of this brand?


“My patients on DMTs have all had stable lymphocyte counts”
“Open discussion with patients, they choose”
“I just follow the WBCs but none have dropped as of yet”

Even brands like Rituxan and Lemtrada which have not been associated with PML are somewhat impacted by the concern with this deadly disease.

RealTime Dynamix: Multiple Sclerosis is a quarterly report that allows for close-quarters monitoring of key performance metrics and provides a detailed and timely look at current trends in the MS market. For more information contact: [email protected]