Spherix Global Insights

November 08, 2016


Building on the 2016 RealWorld Dynamix Report, which drew upon data from over 1000 CD patient charts and 200 Gastroenterologists, Spherix Global Insights are currently fielding the RealTime Dynamix research project with around 100 US gastroenterologists. RealTime Dynamix™: IBD provides a close-quarters overview of key performance metrics, focusing on brand gains and losses, industry contact rates, familiarity and adoption rates of recently launched products (Entyvio and Simponi) and awareness of products in development (Stelara, Xeljanz, Etrolizumab, Filgotinib and Mongerson.). The current report has an additional focus on the recently approved biosimilars, Inflectra.

About Spherix Global Insights
Spherix Global Insights is a newly established business intelligence and market research company headquartered in Cambridge, MA with EU offices in Zug, Switzerland. We specialize in renal, autoimmune, neurologic and rare disease markets.

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