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Geographic Atrophy

Geographic Atrophy Market Research

What is Geographic Atrophy?

Geographic Atrophy (GA) is an advanced form of dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a chronic, progressive loss of the retinal pigment epithelium with associated loss of thermocapillary leading to cell death (atrophy) of the retina. As a result, scotomas, or blind spots, can develop. Symptoms of this disease may result in significant visual function impairment and eventual blindness. GA is associated with a significant decline in vision-related quality of life in patients in areas such as driving, reading, and recognizing faces and a greater risk for developing cognitive dysfunction. Within the United States, an estimation of one million people have GA. GA is an area of high unmet need with no advanced therapeutic treatment options prior to this year (2023).

Spherix Global Insights – Ophthalmology – Geographic Atrophy

Spherix’s Ophthalmology team covers the Geographic Atrophy (GA) market in our Patient Chart Dynamix and Launch Dynamix services. Spherix’s has the following studies publishing this year covering GA:

  • Patient Chart Dynamix™: Geographic Atrophy (US)
  • Launch Dynamix: Syfovre and Izervay in Geographic Atrophy (US)

*Pending approvals and launch

Spherix’s Market Dynamix™ service is an independent, data-driven service unveiling real patient management patterns through rigorous analysis of large-scale patient chart audits. Insights reveal the “why” behind treatment decisions, include year over year trending to quantify key aspects of market evolution, and integrate specialists’ attitudinal & demographic data to highlight differences between stated and actual treatment patterns.

Spherix’s Launch Dynamix™ service consists of two parts: monthly KPI tracking and quarterly deep dives. Monthly KPIs provide benchmarking of newly launched products for the first eighteen months of commercial availability, and quarterly deep dive reports includes promotional activity, barriers to uptake, and patient types gravitating to the launch brand.

Spherix’s Patient Chart Dynamix™ service includes patient level data detailing clinical and non-clinical patient demographics, along with rationale for treatment choices. It reveals real patient management patterns through rigorous analysis of large-scale patient chart audits.

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