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Renal Anemia

Renal Anemia Market Research

What is Renal Anemia?

Anemia occurs when blood has less than the normal amount of healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body. In patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), anemia is a common complication and increases in prevalence as CKD progresses. As the kidneys become damaged, they produce less of the hormone called erythropoietin (EPO), which helps with the production of red blood cells.

Anemia is treated with erythropoiesis stimulating agents (ESAs) and iron replacement therapy (either IV or oral), if the patient is iron deficient. Jesduvroq (daprodustat), a hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase enzyme inhibitors (HIF-PH inhibitor), is also approved as an oral alternative for adult patients with anemia due to CKD who have been receiving dialysis for at least four months.

In patients with CKD, anemia can increase the risk of developing heart problems and complications due to strokes. While the condition cannot be prevented, managing kidney disease may help delay anemia from occurring.

Spherix Global Insights – Nephrology – Renal Anemia

Spherix Global Insights’ Nephrology team is a leading provider of independent syndicated Renal Anemia market research, insights, business intelligence & advisory services.

Spherix’s studies publishing this year covering Renal Anemia include:

  • RealTime Dynamix™: Renal Anemia (EU5)
  • Launch Dynamix™: Jesduvroq (GSK) in Renal Anemia (US)
  • Launch Dynamix™: Vadadustat (Akebia) in Renal Anemia (US)

Spherix’s RealTime Dynamix™ service includes quarterly or semiannual reports, respectively in the US and EU. The reports provide an unbiased view of the competitive landscape within the renal anemia market, fueled by robust HCP primary research and our in-house team of experts.

Spherix’s Patient Chart Dynamix™ service includes patient level data detailing clinical and non-clinical patient demographics, along with rationale for treatment choices. It reveals real patient management patterns through rigorous analysis of large-scale patient chart audits.

Spherix’s Launch Dynamix™ service provides monthly benchmarking of newly launched products for the first eighteen months of commercial availability, augmented by a quarterly deep dive into promotional activity, barriers to uptake, and patient types gravitating to the launch brand.

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