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May 18, 2016

Momenta’s Glatopa Shown to Have a Weak Market Position Compared to Teva’s Copaxone According to Recent Study by Spherix Global Insights

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The research, based on input from 85 US based physicians, also reveals continuing pressure on platform injectables in favor of earlier use of oral agents such as Sanofi’s Aubagio, Novartis’ Gilenya and Biogen’s Tecfidera

ZUG, Switzerland, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A recent study conducted by Spherix Global Insights found that Teva’s Copaxone continues to show a strong market position for all types of MS, despite the fact that a generic challenger, Glatopa, has been on the market for a year and has been actively promoted for nine months.  And time on the market doesn’t appear to be helping Glatopa – in Q4, 25% of the surveyed neurologists indicated that they never planned to incorporate Glatopa into their treatment algorithm and that percentage climbed to 40% in Q1 2016.  Among those who have started using Glatopa, the primary barriers to increased use include a concern about the level of patient support and an overall preference for the Copaxone brand.

In the Q1 update of RealTime Dynamix: Multiple Sclerosis, the majority of surveyed neurologists report a decrease in the overall use of platform injectables with 80% citing increased use of orals in both first and second line use.  Interestingly, while neurologists deem Gilenya’s efficacy as superior to that of the other two orals – specifically in terms of reduction of relapses, disability progression, and slowing brain lesions – most neurologists prefer Tecfidera, which captures 50% of the orals market share among the Spherix sample.

Looking to the future, neurologists are excited about Roche’s ocrelizumab, especially as an option for patients with progressive forms of MS.  While Biogen’s Tysabri faces the greatest threat from an ocrelizumab approval, data from another Spherix study, RealWorld Dynamix: DMT Switching in MS, indicates that other brands could likewise lose share when (if) ocrelizumab becomes available.

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