Market Dynamix

Forward Looking Assessment Of Evolving Healthcare Treatment Paradigms

Market Dynamix™ utilizes a combination of qualitative and quantitative market research to explore the future dynamics of evolving healthcare treatment paradigms. The qualitative analysis is fueled by interviews with the leading international opinion leaders. The quantitative portion leverages our proprietary network of specialists “in the trenches” for sizing the market and to understand current perceptions, gaps in product awareness and unmet needs. For certain markets, primary research with payers and/or patients is also included.

Design and Methodology

We field our own research through a proprietary network of engaged physicians, ancillary healthcare workers, and patients. Investing in this approach means we can control the quality of the respondents and ensure that you are getting insights from a group representative of your customer base.

healthcare treatment

Online survey with several hundred specialists (actual sample size dependent on topic) across the US and SEU combined with qualitative interviews with leading international experts in each market.

Specialty Areas Covered


Nephrology reports and research


Immunology reports and research


Neurology reports and research

How Can Market Dynamix Help You?

Available Information Each Quarter With This Service

Market Dynamics

  • Market sizing
  • Gaps in product awareness
  • Unmet needs

Key Insights Derived

  • Estimate commercial opportunity for pipeline agents
  • Positioning/counter-positioning opportunities
  • Quantify new entrant impact

Future Trends

  • Projections for future market trends including:
  • Pipeline drugs
  • FDA / CMS policy changes
  • Practice management shifts
  • Reimbursement projections
  • Insurance coverage and patient types
  • Future patient/disease management projections


  • Data rich PowerPoint slides
  • Frequency table and summary statistics
  • On-site or web-based presentation of findings
  • Option to add proprietary questions
  • Post-presentation secondary analysis support
  • Complimentary webinar attendance