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October 29, 2020

Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a Complex, Chronic Autoimmune Condition, Awaits FDA-Approved Therapies, Potentially Including a Biologic Option, According to Spherix Global Insights

With both steroid-based and advanced therapies poised for FDA approval in the near term, gastroenterologists’ general satisfaction with current eosinophilic esophagitis treatment options is not optimal

 EXTON, Pa., October 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Spherix recently surveyed 103 US gastroenterologists and followed up with ten qualitative interviews (including two with industry key opinion leaders) in order to assess the current and future treatment paradigm of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) patients. This new Market Dynamix™ service focusing on EoE was introduced after the disease was consistently identified by surveyed gastroenterologists in parallel Spherix services as having a growing patient population and an extremely high unmet need in treatment options. The combination of qualitative and quantitative research included in the Market Dynamix™ service evaluates, in detail, the etiology of the condition, diagnostic and treatment trends, and reaction to potential therapies in development.

The report estimates that each gastroenterologist treats around 50 to 60 EoE patients per year. Furthermore, part of an in-depth assessment of those patients identifies that about one in five are triggered with symptoms by dairy products, while an equal percent experience symptoms due to ingestion of wheat-based products. However, a sizable portion of EoE patients are estimated to have an unknown etiology for their symptoms.

This variability in EoE triggers was a common theme across many other aspects of diagnosis and treatments assessed. For example, the report also identifies the most important factors influencing current EoE treatment decisions. While the two efficacy attributes of EoE symptom reduction and efficacy in treating the cause of EoE were the most influential factors in gastroenterologists’ decision-making process, those attributes also reflect the dichotomy of addressing EoE.

Specifically, patient symptoms, such as dysphagia and the sensation of food being stuck in the esophagus, are the primary focus of gastroenterologists treating the condition. However, these physicians also seek to address the eosinophils causing the fibrosis-centered symptoms in the first place. The dual nature of treating EoE effectively poses a significant challenge to physicians.

When asked to assess their overall satisfaction with all treatments currently utilized (off-label) for EoE, physicians were mostly neutral and did not strongly favor one over the other. It is clear from the results that gastroenterologists are looking for something more advanced to treat their patients.

Fortunately, there are several therapies in clinical development to treat EoE, and the prospects for these therapies were also analyzed in the report. After assessing awareness and familiarity with each pipeline asset, physicians were asked to review product descriptions based on publicly available clinical information for each product. The therapies that were evaluated varied from new patient-friendly formulations of existing corticosteroids to advanced therapies and biologics, including:

– APT-1011 (Adare Pharmaceuticals)

– TAK-721 (Takeda)

– Dupilumab (Sanofi/Regeneron)

– Brazikumab (AstraZeneca)

– Antolimab (Allakos)

Qualitative feedback to each pipeline profile, along with an evaluation of likelihood to prescribe and ranking of preferred therapies, were also assessed. Physicians estimate nearly one-third of their EoE patients could be candidates for biologics – indicating they are receptive to the possibility of advanced treatment (despite some reservations about cost and safety) and that there is ample room for growth and competition in this market.

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