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September 19, 2016

Eli Lilly’s Taltz And Novartis’ Cosentyx Introduce Disruption To The Psoriasis Market, According To A New Report From Spherix Global Insights

As the two IL-17s fight for differentiation, other biologics brace for share offsets, based on a recent survey of 99 US dermatologists.

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ZUG, Switzerland, Sept. 19, 2016 — Over 70% of the surveyed dermatologists report that their biologic use has increased over the past year, playing catch up to rheumatologists’ use in psoriatic arthritis. On top of this increase, dermatologists are also shifting their mix of various MOAs. Indeed, more than half agree with the statement “I anticipate decreasing my use of TNF-inhibitors and increasing my use of alternative MOAs for the treatment of psoriasis in the near future.”

Share projections show both IL-17s, Cosentyx and Taltz, enjoying significant share gains in the next six months, primarily at the expense of Amgen’s Enbrel and AbbVie’s Humira but also contributing to a flattening of Janssen’s Stelara. It will be a balance of those seeking higher efficacy, where the IL-17s have a perceived edge, and those desiring a strong safety profile, where Stelara outperforms. Celgene’s Otezla, while not a biologic, still competes for these patients as well, particularly in the less severe cases. More than 40% of the dermatologists anticipate increasing use of Otezla in the near future, but as a group they are divided on preference for using Otezla prior to biologics. Furthermore, with the exception of Humira, Otezla significantly outperforms all other biologics when it comes to the frequency of patient requests.

Familiarity with Taltz is significantly higher compared to the prior quarter, but it’s user base has remained stable at around 30% since Q2, around half of that of Cosentyx . In an attribute analysis completed by all respondents, Cosentyx was rated significantly better than Taltz on several attributes, including “improves signs and symptoms”. However, among those with moderate-high familiarity with Taltz, when asked for a head-to-head comparison, 40% believe Taltz is more efficacious than Cosentyx while 58% describe them as similar. As familiarity and trial continue to increase, Taltz will present an increasing challenge for Cosentyx.

As the launch of Taltz gets into full swing, dermatologists also report increasing awareness of Valeant’s Siliq (brodalumab). More than 40% of the surveyed dermatologists report that they have learned something new about Siliq recently, however, most anticipate the product having a limited role in their treatment paradigm.

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The psoriasis market will be further examined in the upcoming RealWorld Dynamix™: Psoriasis 2016 report, an audit of 1000 US PsO patients currently treated with biologics or Otezla.

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