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“Proprietary Network of Engaged Physicians. . . Market Expertise and Business Context. . .
Rigorous Analytics. . . It’s How We Build Better Insights”

Discover the Advantage of Dynamix…

Reports new KS-01

Monthly/quarterly/bi-annual surveys of high dynamic markets, tracking brand usage, awareness, industry contacts and evolving perceptions.

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Reports new KS-02

Deep dive patient audit into the patient journey from the first referral to current status with detailed information on line of therapy, concomitant medications, co-morbidities, and laboratory results all integrated with the physician’s commentary about why treatment decisions were made. An ideal complement to claims data.

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FSD black

A profile of the next generation of specialists and how their training differs from that of established specialists and is likely to transform the future market. With academic centers largely closed off to pharma, this report is essential.

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Reports new KS-04

A forward looking report to anticipate how emerging treatments will influence future practice.

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Reports new KS-03

Patient flow audit (census level) for specialty practices.

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Patient Dynamix

Hear the patient’s perspective on the challenges they face in managing their disease.

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