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Unlike patient level data which is gleaned from electronic medical records, RealWorld Dynamix reconciles the physician’s intent with their actions, opinion and commentary. All data is HIPAA-compliant and extracted from patient charts beginning with first presentation to current visit, including an intensive review of the past twelve months. RealWorld Dynamics is specifically targeted to patient type and captures dynamics related to treatment, product switching, dosing observations, co-morbidities and hospitalizations. In addition, diagnostic and laboratory values are also included which provides insight into “real world” clinical outcomes.

Use RealWorld Dynamix to:

  • Understand the patient profile and market opportunity for a specific disease
  • Quantify the percent of currently treated patients that are not achieving therapeutic goals
  • Understand the algorithm and rationale for product initiation and switching
  • Describe dosing patterns, combination therapy and dose escalation
  • Integrate self-reported treatment rates with actual results.
  • Assess real world treatment outcomes compared to clinical trial populations
Key Features and Benefits at a Glance
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