RealWorld Dynamix™: Switiching DMTs in Multiple Sclerosis 2016

There is dynamic and then there is “uber-dynamic” which is where the MS market is
headed with the expected upcoming approval of Roche/Genentech’s ocrelizumab. Our
RealWorld Dynamix studies take patient-level data and analysis to a whole new level by
focusing on the aspects of the market that are morphing – the changes in DMT new start
trends and the drivers behind DMT switching. Our robust chart audits consisting of more
than 1,000 unique patient records and completed by the treating neurologist, not only
give the “when and what” but importantly, the “why” and the “what next”. Our DMT New
Start Audit will be released in just a few weeks, but we thought you would enjoy some
highlights from the RealWorld Dynamix: DMT Switching in MS that was published earlier
this year covering 1,027 patients with MS who recently switched DMT brands.

Click here to see the full Spotlight report realworld-dynamix_ms_dmt_brand_switching_us_2016