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Patient Dynamix

Increasingly the “voice of the patient” is a critical element for manufacturers to understand. Spherix has developed a proprietary patient panel that is HIPAA-compliant and recruited through our physician network. Patient Dynamix is a combination of quantitative online surveys combined with rich, qualitative interviews allowing patients to share the challenges they face in dealing with their disease, their satisfaction with treatment, how they acquire information and what information gaps they would like addressed.

Use Patient Dynamix to:

  • Understand the patient’s view on drivers and barriers to treatment and brand choice
  • Gain insight into how a patient’s profile (age, disease severity, economics) may influences their behaviors and attitudes to treatment
  • Understand patients satisfaction with their disease management and current treatment options
  • Learn what motivates treatment persistence, adherence and switching
  • Guide development of patient education materials
  • Design programs that will facilitate discussions between caregivers and patients
  • Partner with advocacy groups in order to improve support for patients
Key Features at a Glance
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