Renal patients are among the most challenging to manage due to multiple co-morbidities and poor outcomes.  Nephrologists see a wide array of patients including those across all five stages of chronic kidney disease, those on dialysis and those with kidney transplants. At Spherix, we have an intimate understanding of the US dialysis market, unparalleled perspective on hospital-based nephrology practice and a unique glimpse into the patient flow within private practice nephrology.

Our independent reports and acumen can be leveraged to help:

-Understand the degree of unmet need and align business development opportunities
-Closely monitor the subtle shifts in the established markets for renal anemia and CKD-MBD as well as the evolving market for hyperkalemia
-Understand how nephrology practice is evolving and how the payment systems themselves impact these shifts
-Understand the current treatment approaches for an array of conditions such as diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephritis and acute kidney injury and how the paradigm will shift in the near-term future
-Understand the role of ancillary healthcare professionals (nurse practitioners, renal dietitians) and patients themselves in the care continuum.

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Nephrologists continue to incorporate Veltassa into the treatment paradigm for hyperkalemia.  However, early estimates about “likely candidates” have been tempered as many nephrologists hold off therapy initiation for a multitude of reasons.  By contrast, uptake among cardiologists is not as robust – there is still more focus on discontinuing or altering the dose of hyperkalemia-inducing medications rather than adding Veltassa to the mix.

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In-depth analysis of a robust sample of patient journeys detailing the realities of current practice.

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