Targeted biologics, the recent emergence of innovative new oral therapies and the arrival of biosimilars will continue to fuel monumental shifts in the way patients with auto-immune disorders are managed. More than ever, for both existing brands & pipeline products, future success will require a deep understanding of this complex and rapidly evolving landscape.

In Immunology SGI focus on three key areas; Rheumatology, Dermatology and Gastroenterology, aiming to provide insight and answer critical questions such as….Which are the more dynamic brands across key auto-immune indications and why? How quickly are immune specialists adopting newly approved and novel treatments? What hopes and aspirations do prescribers have for novel MOAs? How do new approvals challenge the current treatment algorithm? How do perception of manufacturers and brand promotional activity influence prescribing behavior?


How will the second generation IL-6 and JAK inhibitors in the pipeline impact the RA biologic market? Are rheumatologists becoming more comfortable prescribing Xeljanz for their RA patients and how is managed care impeding its use? How are rheumatologists preparing for the impending launch and introduction of biosimilars, specifically Inflectra, already FDA approved?

How is the adoption of Taltz affecting the PsO treatment algorithm?  How are dermatologists differentiating the various IL-17 inhibitors either already approved or pending FDA approval?  Where does Otezla fit in the PsO treatment algorithm?

How is the adoption of Entyvio affecting the IBD treatment algorithms for Crohn’s and UC? How do gastroenterologists perceive the various biologics/small molecules, including Xeljanz and Stelara, in development and how do they anticipate introducing them into their IBD armamentarium?

Direct from our Research!

RA patients are ACTIVE in their treatment decisions!  In patients recently switched from one biologic/Xeljanz brand to another,  and patients were involved in the switch decision 93% of the time.

A hot new treatment option for psoriasis!  At just over one month post-launch, one-third of dermatologists reported trialing Taltz, Eli Lilly’s newly launched IL-17 inhibitor.

Where will JAK’s fit in the treatment of IBD?  Gastroenterologists believe Pfizer’s oral JAK inhibitor, Xeljanz, will be highly favored by their IBD patients.