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CaseLoad Dynamix

CaseLoad Dynamix provides an audit of the patients that pass through a specialist’s clinic. Around 10,000 patient records are collected from a representative sample of specialists that document each patient seen in a given week. All data captured is HIPAA-compliant and includes core patient demographics, insurance type, type of visit, visit interval, referrals, diagnosis, co-morbidities, symptoms, medications, select laboratory measures, actions taken at visit and future intent.

Use CaseLoad Dynamix to:

  • Size and characterize patient segments
  • Quantify opportunities that physicians have to initiate, modify and switch treatment
  • Pinpoint addressable patient populations in a specialty
  • Assess treatment rates
  • Identify opportunities to build a franchise within a specialty market segment
  • Distinguish between “clinical trial” and “real world” patient populations
Key Features and Benefits at a Glance
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